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Girls Gone Astray


  There was a time in France, school started on September 15th. I was 7, dragging my feet into the first layer of humid dead chestnut leaves. It smelled strong, the cold was picking my cheeks and… Okay, okay, I confess: my nostalgia pre-global-warming-age is meant to hide that it’s almost September 15th, and I […]

Who is in the driver seat?


Notes From Carole My friend Johanna Beyer is an executive coach leading a two hours session next Thursday, December 4th 2014, in Sausalito, CA about the Inner-Critic. A short workshop for a vast subject! She asked me to draw two cartoons that illustrate when Fear is in the driver seat of my Life, versus when […]

The Race to Achieve an A+


Thoughts from Carole One of the main themes of The Bumpy Road to Collaboration is exploring moments in which we lose our ability to connect/work with others, and become competitive/territorial. We switch from a world of possibility and abundance, to a world of scarcity and limitation. Competition and territoriality are everywhere. They are defensive strategies […]

Consciousness and Gender Stuff


Thoughts from Carole 1- Yes, women are still an easy target for violence and oppression all over the world. 2- Even in a safe environment, we can feel oppressed, but let’s not confuse real oppression and Ego-oppression. 3- Creating emotional safety in our relationships requires a conscious and daily intention. 4- It’s not uncommon to slide from being […]