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Drinking Buddies

Thoughts from Carole about Eco-systems and Ego-systems To read more about the scientific consensus around climate change and global warming, visit the NASA website. I believe strongly that the imbalance of our eco-system is a consequence of our collective human “ego-systems,” and that if we work on the latter, we can affect the former. It’s a passion of […]

Communication Practices

Thoughts from Carole about the creative process In my learning curve of blogging more regularly and efficiently, I really suffered last week and hit the lowest part of the curve. I had crafted a half-dozen of very-witty-hilarious-insightful ideas, that almost nobody around me understood. It’s the type of moments that tests my commitment to learn […]

A Strategic Meeting

  Thoughts from Carole The Bumpy Road to Collaboration is doing well! News will come soon. Good news, so stay tuned! After the last intense months dedicated to completing the book, my new website, AND launching both of them, I felt an urge to go back to creativity and blogging. As always, my dilemma is to consistently […]