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Suspending our judgments

Suspending our judgments is an important practice to undertake, but often a very dissonant one: when we genuinely don’t want to be judgmental anymore, we may still continue to believe in our judgments. To suspend our judgments, we need a strong intention in order to endure  awkward periods of cognitive dissonance -and its possible backlash- […]

The Power Of Practice

Now that we have all reset our intentions for 2017 (right?), we can step back and reflect on our practices. Without the power of practice, there is no lasting intention and ultimately no change. Here are a few questions to guide your thinking: Do you have realistic practices that support your intentions? Do you have […]

The Switch to 2017

Resetting our intentions for the new year is an important practice to strengthen the muscle of what we want, and be ready for those inevitable times when we are derailed by our mind chatter. The beauty of defining New Year intentions is that it is usually a genuine moment in which we are mind-chatter-free, present, […]

The Race to Achieve an A+

Thoughts from Carole One of the main themes of The Bumpy Road to Collaboration is exploring moments in which we lose our ability to connect/work with others, and become competitive/territorial. We switch from a world of possibility and abundance, to a world of scarcity and limitation. Competition and territoriality are everywhere. They are defensive strategies […]

Consciousness and Gender Stuff

Thoughts from Carole 1- Yes, women are still an easy target for violence and oppression all over the world. 2- Even in a safe environment, we can feel oppressed, but let’s not confuse real oppression and Ego-oppression. 3- Creating emotional safety in our relationships requires a conscious and daily intention. 4- It’s not uncommon to slide from being […]

Being Relevant

Thoughts from Carole For the Learning as Leadership alumni, we’ve just completed an amazing Personal Mastery Winter workshop. However, I am saddened by the loss of Ernie McNally who attended the same workshop 3 years ago with his wife Cathy. He was a loving human being with a big heart and a deep spirit. He […]

More Focus!

Thoughts from Carole about Focus 1- Yes, the world really needs more focus! Check in the last book of Daniel Goleman called “Focus”. 2- I also just came back from the inaugural MAKERS Conference that brought together leaders and innovators from corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations committed to women’s issues. Among a lot of wonderful […]

EI HeadStart!

Thoughts from Carole about Emotional Intelligence 1) It’s tough to resist the pressure of performance in our society, even when we are evolved parents who know a lot about emotional intelligence. Don’t you think? 2) Speaking about Emotional Intelligence, I’m part of The Emotional Intelligence Network sponsoring EQ WEEK 2014 — 3rd annual online conference with […]