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Sacred bonding


  It can be complicated to be in relationship with others, but it can also be quite simple. We bond over what we have in common. Bonding over our core fears/assumptions about connecting with others might be one way to dissolve the very same fears/assumptions we have toward others, and ultimately nurture trust. What if […]

Just a follower


  As we know, being more assertive or decisive doesn’t guarantee being a good leader – neither does admitting one’s limitation, but it is a start! There is also no such thing as being just a follower. Good leaders – the ones who emerge as humble, even selfless, clear and capable of organizing others around […]

The enemy du jour


How to resist a juicy story in which we are the virtuous hero and the other one is the bad dud, even if it means coming across as inconsistent? In truth, it is difficult to question our stories when they make us feel self-righteous AND connected. Too irresistible to stick with our narrative! It just […]

How to responsibly vent


I recently posted this blog on LinkedIn about responsibly venting at work. It was the fruit of a few experiences working with teams and small organizations, as well as venting memories with my colleagues. I thought I would share this article on my personal blog too, since I believe it could be the starting point of some useful conversations […]