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Oxford, the magic name!

When I was accepted to present “Transformation of Organizational Gender Bias Starts with the Female Leader” at the Oxford Women’s Leadership Symposium, I fell under the spell of the magic name – “Oxford” – THE prestigious University in England. I also felt under the spell of another magic word – “accepted.”  The MAGIC of “Oxford” operated […]

Being Relevant

Thoughts from Carole For the Learning as Leadership alumni, we’ve just completed an amazing Personal Mastery Winter workshop. However, I am saddened by the loss of Ernie McNally who attended the same workshop 3 years ago with his wife Cathy. He was a loving human being with a big heart and a deep spirit. He […]

More Focus!

Thoughts from Carole about Focus 1- Yes, the world really needs more focus! Check in the last book of Daniel Goleman called “Focus”. 2- I also just came back from the inaugural MAKERS Conference that brought together leaders and innovators from corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations committed to women’s issues. Among a lot of wonderful […]

EI HeadStart!

Thoughts from Carole about Emotional Intelligence 1) It’s tough to resist the pressure of performance in our society, even when we are evolved parents who know a lot about emotional intelligence. Don’t you think? 2) Speaking about Emotional Intelligence, I’m part of The Emotional Intelligence Network sponsoring EQ WEEK 2014 — 3rd annual online conference with […]