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Don’t push my unsubscribe blog hot button!

Blogging entails many ego-dangers*. One of them is to have your “unsubscribe” blog button clicked. *Note: an ego-danger is a danger to your self-worth.  At the beginning of my career as a blogger, I intellectually knew that it was ridiculous to trigger myself with the MailChimp report**  denouncing the names of all the “unsubscribers”. **Note: Like […]

About Rumination

Cows have the capacity to regurgitate what they gulped down, and in the process of re-chewing again and again, they stimulate digestion, acquire nutrients and complete absorption.  When human beings ruminate it’s another story. Unfortunately, when I regurgitate negative thoughts and re-chew them over and over, I don’t make them more digestible. On the contrary, […]