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Finding the crack in our cemented opinions

When we get stuck in our opinions about others, our mind is like a block of cement. The amalgam of beliefs, perceptions, projections, gut feelings and hormones create a slab of impenetrable and immutable conclusions that block truer perspectives, possibilities, and connection. Our rigid conclusions become an habitual burden that sits on our shoulders. We wouldn’t […]

All I need is…

Following up on my last month’s experimentation to refuse anger and rigidity in my life, I decided to focus on humility and patience instead. Therefore, I could relax about my anger and rigidity commitment for awhile. I confess: I didn’t make spectacular progress. However, I did notice three things about my anger/rigidity that I’d like to […]

H.B.M, part 12: Make a date with your hot buttons!

After exploring five ways to manage our mind-chatter (an inevitable consequence of our hot buttons), I have come up with five ways to engage creatively with the same damned hot buttons (instead of sweeping them under the carpet, being ashamed and/or acting self-righteous)! I will reveal them over the next weeks, but -since according to the Marketing calendar- this […]

H.B.M. part 11: Managing the cleaning of mind-chatter

  After feathers or balloons, chewing gum, incense paper and sandcastles, here is another creative way to manage our mind-chatter! (This one has been very effective for me!) PS: By the way, we are still in part 11 of my Hot Button Mastery series. Part 12 is coming soon and will focus on ideas to creatively manage our hot buttons. I know it’s been a LONG series, which started April […]