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So What?

miles davis-draft 3

A few weeks ago, I watched a short video of the jazz musician Herbie Hancock telling a story about Miles Davis. I paraphrase:  “Right in the middle of Miles’ solo, when he was playing one of his amazing solos, I played the wrong chord, completely wrong. It sounded like a big mistake. And Miles paused […]

Social Media Fantasy


Self-publishing a book has been a humbling process. Over the last three years, I’ve worked very hard – creatively, mentally, emotionally – to create The Bumpy Road to Collaboration. I invested a LOT of personal time and money, often dreaming of the moment when it would be done. And now, finally, it’s done – well […]

Good ideas stick


Dear Friends,  In 2013, Little Carotte will be different. I don’t know yet how nor when, but change will occur for sure! Thank you for following my blog, commenting and sharing. It really makes a difference for me to know that my words and drawings resonate. So keep going! I wish you a great year, […]