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So What?

A few weeks ago, I watched a short video of the jazz musician Herbie Hancock telling a story about Miles Davis. I paraphrase:  “Right in the middle of Miles’ solo, when he was playing one of his amazing solos, I played the wrong chord, completely wrong. It sounded like a big mistake. And Miles paused […]

HBM, part 12 (Final): Be on a Hot Button Strike!

  After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, launching a hot button contest in your organization, and doing a three-day hot button cleansing, here is a final suggestion to help you creatively manage hot buttons and temporarily close the chapter on this subject! THANK you for bearing with me for so […]

H.B.M, part 12: Do a three-day Hot Button Cleansing!

I’m relentlessly – or desperately- pursuing creative ways to manage our emotional, undesirable and ineffective reactions. After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, and launching a hot button contest in your organization,  I’m proposing this week a three-day hot button cleansing! It’s very easy to […]

H.B.M. part 12: Launching a Hot Button Contest in your organization!

  Dear Friends, As promised, I will close my Hot Button Mastery series SOON. However, I still have a few indispensable ideas to share about creatively managing our hot buttons.  So after Making a date with your hot buttons, and Meeting your colleagues for a Hot Button Happy Hour Party, here is another seasonal suggestion to enjoy learning about our ineffective […]

How to responsibly vent

I recently posted this blog on LinkedIn about responsibly venting at work. It was the fruit of a few experiences working with teams and small organizations, as well as venting memories with my colleagues. I thought I would share this article on my personal blog too, since I believe it could be the starting point of some useful conversations […]