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2- Being self-deluded versus realistic (10 unproductive ways to ask for help)

  Ten days to improve communication and tackle  ten unproductive ways to ask for help. Here is Day 1, if you missed it. Enjoy Day 2! Carole Reflecting on this cartoon, choose a situation in which you could be either self-deluded or realistic when asking for help. Notice the differences, and if you’d like, share them with me.

1- Being dramatic versus sober (10 unproductive ways to ask for help)

  Communication is often all we have to make change happen. According to my clients, communication is one of my great strengths. According to my daughter, it’s my most horrible weakness. And it’s true. I can be clear, direct, patient, witty, thoughtful, understanding, light, neutral, empathetic and loving in my communication. I can also be […]