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Conscious Gossiping


Frankly, once in a while, let’s admit that it feels good to speak about others, convey stories about them – whether they are true or false – and temporarily forget about our own issues, anxieties and pitfalls! I strongly believe that consciousness enhances everything. But even if our gossiping is conscious, is it really never toxic? […]

Suspending our judgments

suspending judgments-final-SE

Suspending our judgments is an important practice to undertake, but often a very dissonant one: when we genuinely don’t want to be judgmental anymore, we may still continue to believe in our judgments. To suspend our judgments, we need a strong intention in order to endure  awkward periods of cognitive dissonance -and its possible backlash- […]

A challenge for Thanksgiving: Overcoming our tribal instincts


In a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), unexpected events happen more often, more suddenly and more intensely. We inherited propensities from our ancestors who survived to pass on their genes to future generations, but not necessarily an agility to adapt to fast change in maintaining the homeostasis of the brain – the green […]

HBM, part 12 (Final): Be on a Hot Button Strike!


  After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, launching a hot button contest in your organization, and doing a three-day hot button cleansing, here is a final suggestion to help you creatively manage hot buttons and temporarily close the chapter on this subject! THANK you for bearing with me for so […]

H.B.M, part 12: Do a three-day Hot Button Cleansing!


I’m relentlessly – or desperately- pursuing creative ways to manage our emotional, undesirable and ineffective reactions. After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, and launching a hot button contest in your organization,  I’m proposing this week a three-day hot button cleansing! It’s very easy to […]