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HBM, part 12 (Final): Be on a Hot Button Strike!

  After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, launching a hot button contest in your organization, and doing a three-day hot button cleansing, here is a final suggestion to help you creatively manage hot buttons and temporarily close the chapter on this subject! THANK you for bearing with me for so […]

H.B.M, part 12: Do a three-day Hot Button Cleansing!

I’m relentlessly – or desperately- pursuing creative ways to manage our emotional, undesirable and ineffective reactions. After making a date with your hot buttons, meeting your colleagues for a hot button happy hour party, and launching a hot button contest in your organization,  I’m proposing this week a three-day hot button cleansing! It’s very easy to […]

H.B.M. part 12: Launching a Hot Button Contest in your organization!

  Dear Friends, As promised, I will close my Hot Button Mastery series SOON. However, I still have a few indispensable ideas to share about creatively managing our hot buttons.  So after Making a date with your hot buttons, and Meeting your colleagues for a Hot Button Happy Hour Party, here is another seasonal suggestion to enjoy learning about our ineffective […]

H.B.M, part 12: Make a date with your hot buttons!

After exploring five ways to manage our mind-chatter (an inevitable consequence of our hot buttons), I have come up with five ways to engage creatively with the same damned hot buttons (instead of sweeping them under the carpet, being ashamed and/or acting self-righteous)! I will reveal them over the next weeks, but -since according to the Marketing calendar- this […]

H.B.M. part 11: Managing the cleaning of mind-chatter

  After feathers or balloons, chewing gum, incense paper and sandcastles, here is another creative way to manage our mind-chatter! (This one has been very effective for me!) PS: By the way, we are still in part 11 of my Hot Button Mastery series. Part 12 is coming soon and will focus on ideas to creatively manage our hot buttons. I know it’s been a LONG series, which started April […]