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Always angry


Anger can be a fiery expression of our energy, and a fiery energy can definitively fuel our inner driver and foster good will in the world. However, most of the time, anger is an authoritarian emotion that escapes our control and lashes out at others with no discernment. Anger destroys safety, trust, and connection. More […]

Couple Communication


Communication is essential in relationships. However, sometimes to keep our heart open, we need to keep our mouth shut! At work, you can’t necessarily stop a conversation and welcome your colleagues into your arms when you slide into a poor communication pattern. You can, however, show respect in a moment of tension, stay silent, regroup, […]

A challenge for Thanksgiving: Overcoming our tribal instincts


In a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), unexpected events happen more often, more suddenly and more intensely. We inherited propensities from our ancestors who survived to pass on their genes to future generations, but not necessarily an agility to adapt to fast change in maintaining the homeostasis of the brain – the green […]

Finding the crack in our cemented opinions


When we get stuck in our opinions about others, our mind is like a block of cement. The amalgam of beliefs, perceptions, projections, gut feelings and hormones create a slab of impenetrable and immutable conclusions that block truer perspectives, possibilities, and connection. Our rigid conclusions become an habitual burden that sits on our shoulders. We wouldn’t […]

So What?

miles davis-draft 3

A few weeks ago, I watched a short video of the jazz musician Herbie Hancock telling a story about Miles Davis. I paraphrase:  “Right in the middle of Miles’ solo, when he was playing one of his amazing solos, I played the wrong chord, completely wrong. It sounded like a big mistake. And Miles paused […]

All I need is…


Following up on my last month’s experimentation to refuse anger and rigidity in my life, I decided to focus on humility and patience instead. Therefore, I could relax about my anger and rigidity commitment for awhile. I confess: I didn’t make spectacular progress. However, I did notice three things about my anger/rigidity that I’d like to […]