Unshakeable faith


We all have “unshakeable faith,” or more simply, sacred attachment to beliefs and mental models that ultimately don’t make us happy or feel fulfilled. The dilemma of being attached to an unhelpful mechanism is captured well in the question: “Do you prefer to be happy or to be right?” It may sound like a “cliché question”, […]

The enemy du jour


How to resist a juicy story in which we are the virtuous hero and the other one is the bad dud, even if it means coming across as inconsistent? In truth, it is difficult to question our stories when they make us feel self-righteous AND connected. Too irresistible to stick with our narrative! It just […]

Plethora of stars


I love exploring the tension between being somebody and being nobody. If we are too attached to being somebody, we experience scarcity and fear. We push, control, hide, distort… We exhaust ourselves and others. If we are too attached to being nobody, we miss the opportunity to allow the gifts of our life to blossom. […]



About Self-hatred: I heard Jack Kornfield* at a conference tell the story of a Western student asking the Dalai Lama how he was dealing with self-hatred. The Dalai Lama couldn’t understand the question and after asking for help from several people around him, said: “This is a mistake!” There is no word in the Tibetan language […]

Always angry


Anger can be a fiery expression of our energy, and a fiery energy can definitively fuel our inner driver and foster good will in the world. However, most of the time, anger is an authoritarian emotion that escapes our control and lashes out at others with no discernment. Anger destroys safety, trust, and connection. More […]

Couple Communication


Communication is essential in relationships. However, sometimes to keep our heart open, we need to keep our mouth shut! At work, you can’t necessarily stop a conversation and welcome your colleagues into your arms when you slide into a poor communication pattern. You can, however, show respect in a moment of tension, stay silent, regroup, […]