Conscious Gossiping

Frankly, once in a while, let’s admit that it feels good to speak about others, convey stories about them – whether they are true or false – and temporarily forget about our own issues, anxieties and pitfalls! I strongly believe that consciousness enhances everything. But even if our gossiping is conscious, is it really never toxic? […]

Just a follower

  As we know, being more assertive or decisive doesn’t guarantee being a good leader – neither does admitting one’s limitation, but it is a start! There is also no such thing as being just a follower. Good leaders – the ones who emerge as humble, even selfless, clear and capable of organizing others around […]

Unshakeable faith

We all have “unshakeable faith,” or more simply, sacred attachment to beliefs and mental models that ultimately don’t make us happy or feel fulfilled. The dilemma of being attached to an unhelpful mechanism is captured well in the question: “Do you prefer to be happy or to be right?” It may sound like a “cliché question”, […]