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Suspending our judgments

Suspending our judgments is an important practice to undertake, but often a very dissonant one: when we genuinely don’t want to be judgmental anymore, we may still continue to believe in our judgments. To suspend our judgments, we need a strong intention in order to endure  awkward periods of cognitive dissonance -and its possible backlash- […]

The Power Of Practice

Now that we have all reset our intentions for 2017 (right?), we can step back and reflect on our practices. Without the power of practice, there is no lasting intention and ultimately no change. Here are a few questions to guide your thinking: Do you have realistic practices that support your intentions? Do you have […]

The Switch to 2017

Resetting our intentions for the new year is an important practice to strengthen the muscle of what we want, and be ready for those inevitable times when we are derailed by our mind chatter. The beauty of defining New Year intentions is that it is usually a genuine moment in which we are mind-chatter-free, present, […]

Wishes for 2017

As I keep repeating, communication is often all we have to make change happen. It is also the first skill we abandon when we hit a bump. Learning to communicate in a conscious, centered and timely manner is an essential skill to develop as a leader in the 21st century. It is hard work. Personally, […]

A challenge for Thanksgiving: Overcoming our tribal instincts

In a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), unexpected events happen more often, more suddenly and more intensely. We inherited propensities from our ancestors who survived to pass on their genes to future generations, but not necessarily an agility to adapt to fast change in maintaining the homeostasis of the brain – the green […]

Finding the crack in our cemented opinions

When we get stuck in our opinions about others, our mind is like a block of cement. The amalgam of beliefs, perceptions, projections, gut feelings and hormones create a slab of impenetrable and immutable conclusions that block truer perspectives, possibilities, and connection. Our rigid conclusions become an habitual burden that sits on our shoulders. We wouldn’t […]

Girls Gone Astray

  There was a time in France, school started on September 15th. I was 7, dragging my feet into the first layer of humid dead chestnut leaves. It smelled strong, the cold was picking my cheeks and… Okay, okay, I confess: my nostalgia pre-global-warming-age is meant to hide that it’s almost September 15th, and I […]