Conscious Gossiping

Frankly, once in a while, let’s admit that it feels good to speak about others, convey stories about them – whether they are true or false – and temporarily forget about our own issues, anxieties and pitfalls!

I strongly believe that consciousness enhances everything.

But even if our gossiping is conscious, is it really never toxic? Is it really a bonding experience?

What do we gain when we gossip? What do we lose? What do we avoid?

You see what I mean. It’s not as simple as being conscious to make gossiping okay, but 1- it is an improvement, since consciousness is always the first step necessary to change and 2- in our consciousness effort, perhaps, we can also ask ourselves:

What would it take to transform this gossiping-conversation into a meaning-making conversation that enriches our lives?

 Have a great week!



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