Being taken seriously

Yes, it’s humbling to see all the things we can do, say or wear in order to display competency, hide insecurity and be taken seriously.

I don’t believe that a French accent is an asset of credibility – it’s a joke! If I take myself too seriously, you won’t take me seriously at all…

But I do believe that writing silly and cartoonish blogs is important for me to be taken seriously… Weird, no?

From time to time, if I feel a tension in my work around being taken seriously by others, one of my strategies is to wear a dark suit and high heels.

The issue isn’t so much what I wear, but how, if I feel insecure – even slightly- I can become absorbed by the fear of what others think of me. So absorbed in my head that I can actually forget to be there for others. In other words, to take them seriously too.

As usual, the recipe is very simple, even though it is hard to apply:

To get what we want, we have to give it first.

PS: I’d like to share this short video of a woman that – I confess – I discovered only last week. Wangari Maatai has beautifully demonstrated what women can do, in a country that traditionally didn’t take them seriously. A lot of women have probably experienced a residue of this patriarchal tendency…

Reflections: Do you have tension, sometimes, around being taken seriously? In which circumstances? With whom? What do you do to cope with your tensions?



Being taken seriously

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  1. I feel this acutely with my parents and their peers who immigrated to the US. When they get together, I still sit at the “kids table” even though I am 41, married with three children, and have a good career. I do not have a technical grasp on my parents’ native language which causes me to often withdraw from the conversation OR I tell the two to three jokes that I have told a million times. I have been meaning to study it for some time now but just cannot find the time…

    Bill May 2, 2017 at 6:39 am #
    • Hey Bill, thanks for sharing your experience! Being taken seriously in our own family, by our own parents or siblings… that’s also quite a subject to study!

      Carole Lévy May 2, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

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