Meet Arina Isaacson


I’ve had the great fortune during my life to meet many powerful women who became my mentors. Arina Isaacson is one of them. She’s an executive coach, a leadership and public presence teacher, a storyteller and an artist. She combines business skills and creativity – an ideal of mine. She has been a clown – my secret dream as a child. She’s witty, wise and tough. When she isn’t travelling all over the world to teach, she creates puppets and collages. She keeps supporting me to bring my voice forward in an authentic way, and to use my imperfections as talking points, as long as I articulate them properly. She’s launching a Story Coaching Program – “Your Story Matters” – and invited me to illustrate her workbook. With her permission, I’m sharing a sample of the illustrations (without Arina’s text) below. Hopefully you’ll get the idea. To meet Arina and know more about her work, check her website:

All her puppet creations will be on display at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, CA – From March 3 to April 5, 2015. Don’t miss the event!

PS: I used my owl-cartoon-characteres to support Arina’s spirit. It was a good collaboration!







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