EI HeadStart!

EI-HeadStartThoughts from Carole about Emotional Intelligence

1) It’s tough to resist the pressure of performance in our society, even when we are evolved parents who know a lot about emotional intelligence. Don’t you think?

2) Speaking about Emotional Intelligence, I’m part of The Emotional Intelligence Network sponsoring EQ WEEK 2014 — 3rd annual online conference with over 60 webinars – all free!!!  Speakers from ALL over the globe, on neuroscience, parenting, leadership, teaching — and LIFE.  Come join us.  Webinars are live and have limited space, but recordings are avail for a month following.  Details & signup on http://www.6seconds.org/e/

My webinar  is on Tuesday March 11th at 5 pm Pacific time. I will facilitate a 60 minutes practical session on how to re-wire our ego’s hot buttons!

I hope you can join!


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