Social Media Fantasy

Self-publishing a book has been a humbling process. Over the last three years, I’ve worked very hard – creatively, mentally, emotionally – to create The Bumpy Road to Collaboration. I invested a LOT of personal time and money, often dreaming of the moment when it would be done. And now, finally, it’s done – well done, even – and launched.

On the whole, I’m deeply satisfied with the content, the spirit, and the appearance of the book. And, in bringing it to completion, I feel like I’ve broken through a life-long pattern of powerlessness. So why, after less than three days of celebration, do I notice myself becoming agitated?

social-media-fantasy While writing and illustrating my book, I was repeatedly told that when self-publishing, it is as important – if not more important – to promote and develop one’s thought leadership as it is to create the actual book. EVERYBODY in the know said I needed to build my tribe before launching. But I was secretly hoping that it would be different for me, that my 30 loyal readers would miraculously transform over Black Friday into hundreds – no, thousands – of followers.

Well, they didn’t. And I’m starting to realize that that’s okay. I approached social media with magical thinking, and social media pushed back. So, I’m doing what any creative person does when faced with an obstacle: adjusting my approach and continuing to move forward with the process. My new, more realistic strategy? BLOG ONE DRAWING AT A TIME, PROMOTE TO ONE READER AT A TIME, AND CELEBRATE AS OFTEN AS I CAN. And let this mantra bring me calm and peace of mind.




Social Media Fantasy

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  1. Un pas a la fois avec courage et bonne humeur …

    ma December 10, 2013 at 2:33 am #

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