Voilà l’été!

Voilà l’été (translate: “here is the summer!”) and the time to take stock of these 4 months of blog. (I have to say, I just created this category by myself and by mistake! I’m not sure how to reproduce it, but I’m very proud of it!)It has been fulfiling to do this blog so far and to receive comments and encouragements from friends and strangers. I just want to keep continuing… in September. Yes, the summer is going to be very slow, due to a lot of work and a little bit of vacation… But September will be BIG! Stay tuned and I wish you a great summer!PS: Nobody edited this paragraph, so be more indulgent with my english mistakes. By the way, there has been a lot of mispellings and grammar errors in the sequence “House crush” (yeah yeah, always the rush…) that I’ll try to edit in the future…


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